More Than You Think

This statewide underage drinking prevention campaign in 2007 was produced by SM Hawaii for the Hawaii Counterdrug Support Program. The campaign lasted for 2 years, and its aim was to delay the onset of underage drinking in youth ages 13-17. 

SM Hawaii oversaw a statewide survey of youth and a series of focus groups to serve as the market research influencing the campaign. The logo, look and feel, tone, and messaging of the campaign focused on the rebellious nature of youth at those age levels and created a peer-centered approach that felt safe and trustworthy. 

The final campaign included TV, radio, digital, social, and community engagement through grants and promotional tie-ins. We also worked directly with school groups to integrate the campaign into the school’s curriculum. 

The campaign evaluation showed that the campaign was effective in reducing intentions to drink alcohol in the target market and a higher intention to intervene if they saw a peer friend or family member drinking.