Manoa Alcohol Project

From 2008 to 2010, SM Hawaii rebranded the Manoa Alcohol Project, and worked with student cohort groups to relaunch the campaign aimed to reduce binge drinking at the University of Hawaii. In order to guide our branding, we conducted a series of focus groups with UH students.

As part of the campaign, we created posters and branded materials, and coordinated events. We recruited the school’s graphic arts program to create a student-crafted planner, which included binge-drinking prevention messages in addition to other useful information for students. In its initial release, over 300 planners were distributed in the first hour of the campaign through word-of-mouth alone. The successful project also won a graphic design award at UH Manoa.  

For its evaluation, we conducted a series of focus groups and campus-wide surveys that showed at least 40% of all students at UH Manoa were aware of the campaign, and nearly 60% of those exposed had learned new information on how to prevent binge drinking for themselves or for someone they knew.